Thursday, October 6, 2011

Be an aspirin.

Sounds like some weird job-hunting advice, right?  I thought so too until I started to think about it more.  With graduation in my near future, I’ve been spending time researching companies that I may want to work for in the future.  As I tried to determine if I was interested in a company or position, I often decided based on a ‘What’s in it for me?’ kind of attitude…How would a company or position benefit me?  What experiences would I gain? 

 In case you’re wondering, that’s not being an aspirin.  Being an aspirin is all about digging deep into a company during your research in order to find out what the company’s pain is.  Find out what challenges or issues is the company facing currently.  Then be an aspirin.  Show the company how you, along with your skills and experiences, can be the solution to that pain.  

Still sound weird?  Think about this.  You don’t take aspirin for fun (at least I hope not), you take it because of some sort of pain.  In other words, you need it to feel better.  In the same way, companies don’t hire employees just for fun.  Companies hire employees because they need them.  As you go through your job search and interviews, be an aspirin and show potential employers why they need you!

Tara Pfaff is the marketing and communications intern at K-State’s Career and Employment Services

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