Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter Break Checklist

As the stress of final exams and projects starts to set in, I find myself dreaming of lazy days at home and watching the Cats beat the Razorbacks over winter break.  Honestly, the last thing I want to think about over break is doing anything productive.  But I know that as I prepare for my last semester of college, winter break is the perfect time for me to get ahead in my job search.  Once the spring semester starts I will be bogged down in assignments and exams once again, so I am making it my goal this break to get a good start on my job search.

This article has a great checklist for making the most of your winter break.  Even though I plan on customizing the checklist to my specific career needs and my schedule, it is a great starting point to get you moving in the right direction.
So, resist the temptation to lounge around all break and save yourself from stressing out before graduation by working ahead in your job search now.  Who knows, maybe you will even land a job before break ends!